Handcrafted Jewelry,  Up-cycled by Design

Delightful Broken China Jewelry

Beautiful vintage china, once carefully collected and highly valued is no longer in great demand. At our Long Lake Studio we reuse those old dishes to create our vintage inspired broken china pendants, earrings, rings and fashion accessories. 

Intriguing Steampunk Inspired Pendants

The seldom seen beauty of a vintage watch mechanism with it’s cogs, wheels, springs and tiny screws is truly a sight to behold. Our intriguing steampunk jewelry wonderfully showcases these compelling relics of the past.

A love of history and all things vintage affords us the opportunity to make old things new again. In our Long Lake Studio, we cleverly breathe new life into once valued though no longer useful items that rest in the back of desk drawers and dark cabinets.

Pearl Earrings, Everyday Elegance

Pearls, the queen of gemstones; once unfashionable and considered highly pas·sé are very popular now.  Who doesn’t have pearls in their jewelry collection? Our Everyday Pearl Earrings are carefully handmade with new jewelry findings in a range of handmade earring styles and materials to suit the most discerning pearl lover.

Pearls have been a part of our history since the 5th Century BC. if not before. A Chinese historian in 2206 BC was responsible for the first recorded mention. Pearls were the status symbols of the rich and powerful and were highly prized over much of the world. Pearls are mentioned in the stories and lore of many early cultures including the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians.


The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens.


 Circuit Board Jewelry

Motherboards have such a fascinating and alluring beauty. We all see something different in their wide-ranging patterns. In our Long Lake Studio, re recycle old printers, computers, remotes, calculators, anything with a circuit board.  Recycled, reused, repurposed, we up-cycle them all for our PCB necklaces, key rings, and fashion accessories for men. Luckily, I enjoy taking things apart and one never know just what treasure there is to find inside those discarded electronics. 

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