We are thrilled that everyone who purchases a piece of Long Lake Studio jewelry knows they are getting a well-constructed item that is designed to delight the eye 

Hi, my name is Ann and I have always enjoyed making things. When not working as a registered nurse I spend much of my free time sewing, crafting and gardening.

Several years ago my husband bought me a beautiful necklace at the craft market in our local hospital. Disappointingly, it fell apart in my hands the second time I put it on. My first thought was, ‘I can make a piece of jewelry that will not only look good, it will last’. And so it all began. 

I started to make beaded jewelry and was concerned that my products would not appeal to others. I gifted my jewelry to my adult daughters who were not only pleased, but also recommended them to friends and asked for more. I wanted to make this a full time business; it was a nice hobby but not something that would replace that steady nursing paycheck. There were so many people making jewelry, did the world really need another? And what would set me apart from all the other makers? As it turned out, 

The road has been more difficult than I imagined.

Sadness and worry weave their threads through the tapestry of our lives these days. My second eldest daughter is coping so valiantly with the sudden and unexpected death of her husband of  10 years, and my youngest, diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer at 36, is now, 4 years later, battling stage four cancer with grace, courage, and amazing good humour. 

Life has become more serious, and it is important to do more than just create ‘jewelry’. I have become more mindful of my work and I put more of my heart into all of my pieces. 

Making jewelry has become more than an hobby or a job,

It has taken on a greater meaning.

Coincidentally, customers started requesting that I incorporate family mementos, beloved pieces of history into their jewelry: grandmother’s chipped china saucers, dad’s old manual watch, even the ashes of their loved ones.  

These jewelry pieces carry important memories for those who want to recall their loved ones, days gone by, or just simpler times. Thus our Broken China and our Lost Time Creations jewelry lines were born.

Every time I up-cycle an old watch or a piece of vintage china

I am conscious of the passage of time

The personal histories that I hold in my hands

I make the most unique and durable item that I can and even when using new materials I strive for a vintage look, a Victorian flair.

My husband and I have been overwhelmed by the support we have received.  We are thrilled by our many return customers and the generous gifts of old watches and beautiful family china.

But most importantly

It is the poignant stories, the histories, the treasured memories that our customers share with us.

These personal stories are the best gift of all.



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