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At local markets, fairs, retail shops and online stores my customers purchase these items over and over again.

I was greatly complimented recently when a local bride bought pendants for the members of her wedding party. I was over the moon when a young girl, wearing a pendant gifted by her mother, purchased several more to give to her closest friends.

I am especially thrilled when a customer returns wearing one of my necklaces; my heart swells with pride and I know that on some very very tiny level, I am making the world a nicer place.

Having one of my creations purchased for a gift is the highest of compliments. We work so hard to find that perfect gift and it can be a challenging task. Is it appealing? Will it suit? Will she like it? Is it well made? Will to last? Is the price right?

I truly hope that one of my handmade jewelry pieces might just tick all those boxes for you.

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