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Broken China Blossom Time Pendant


Blossom Time in the Annapolis Valley


I have cut and hand shaped this dainty little pendant from the centre of an orphan Royal Albert “Blossom Time’ saucer, placed it in a gold plate setting and suspended it from a fine 18 inch gold chain.

Please expect small surface and edge imperfections due to the age of the china and the manufacturing process.  It is very difficult to extract a pretty piece from Blossom Time as the dishes are mostly a riotous mass of pink apple blossoms.   Please see the final photo to view a large limited edition of this pendant.

‘Blossom Time’ has a special significance for me as these were the dishes that my mother collected. The pattern went into production when she was a tiny child and I expect that she was familiar with these dishes from a very young age.

She loved anything pink, she was a true maritimer and the Annapolis Valley was dear to her heart. When she became too elderly to live independently, her large collection of Blossom Time was boxed up and given to several of her dear granddaughters.

It gives me great pleasure to create jewelry from discarded and orphaned Blossom Time.

To learn more about the history of this lovely pattern, please visit http://www.royalalbertpatterns.com/reference%20pages/History%20Of%20Blossom%20Time.htm


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