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Steampunk Griffin Necklace


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Steampunk Griffin Pendant

 A genuine Swarovski crystal is featured on this handcrafted griffin steampunk necklace. The crystal is available in several colour choices: dark red, olivine green, black diamond and the stunning paradise shine that sparkles with flashes of purple and green.

A unisex necklace, this steampunk pendant will arrive to you with a quality stainless steel curb chain and lobster clasp.  

The vintage griffin and beaded setting are made in America of solid brass. The oxidized sterling silver finish contributes to the industrial look of your pendant.

I have upcycled a 21 jewel vintage Russian watch movement for the base of this steampunk piece.  The mechanism is named Slava which translates to ‘glory’ in English.

The pendant has the date wheel on the reverse.  A layer of clear resin covers the movement and allows you to see some of the up-cycled watch workings. I am thrilled when the back of a pendant is almost as appealing as the front!

Your steampunk pendant measures just over 1 3/4 inches in length and 1 1/4 in width. The stainless chain is available in 18 or 22 inches.

I am often asked just how long it takes to make one of these steampunk pendants and there is no clear answer. There are many many steps from the time that vintage watch arrives at my workstation to the point when the pendant is ready to go off to it’s new owner.

A wonderful addition to your cosplay costumes, this fanciful steampunk piece is a combination of mythology and the industrial.

The griffin in history and literature.

A legendary creature, the griffin has a curved beak, its back legs and lower body are that of a lion and its head and wings are of the eagle. This majestic creature was known to guard priceless treasures. The gryphon has appeared in art, culture and mythology throughout world history.

It was believed that the griffins (gryphons) mated for life and would remain alone and live a solitary existence after the loss of a partner.  

Wondering why you should have a Steampunk Griffin Necklace? Click on the link below to learn more about these amazing creatures. https://www.thoughtco.com/the-griffin-in-architecture-and-design-177281

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Black Diamond, Dark Red, olivine green, Paradise shine, Sapphire Blue


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